Stoneybrook Microforest

The Stoneybrook Golf & Country Club microforest is a strip of land around 0.2 arces densely covered in 1,100 native plants. This microforest was the second project initiated by SURF. Local experts from the Florida Veterans for Common Sense Fund worked together with student volunteers from the Suncoast Science Center to create this lush forest. Student volunteers from the Suncoast Science Center helped to design the forest, the pathways, and the irrigation system for the microforest with help from their mentors. Volunteers from around Sarasota also gathered together to help mulch the land, plant trees, and run the grand opening for this microforest project. Microforests are fast growing, so please visit the Stoneybrook Microforest to see how the landscape evolves overtime!!

For those wanting a more in depth look at the Stoneybrook microforest, you can access our interactive “Meet the Trees” web pages. This will give you more information on the layers of a microforest and the trees that make them up.

Meet The Trees

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