July 28, 2021

Categories: Forests


Preparing for Greatness

Today, we visited the microforest with the SCIP volunteers and measured out and delineated the site. It was the SCIP volunteer’s first time viewing the microforest and we are so excited to progress further into the project!

Choosing Trees With a Purpose

We also went to the nursery to look at trees for the microforest project today! It was a fun educational experience for the SCIP student volunteers to learn about the various types of trees. We enjoyed truck rides throughout the entire nursery and seeing the process of growing trees. We made sure to pick the trees that are native to the area, while ensuring we had a diverse selection of trees so that the microforest will be more likely to survive for generations. Thank you so much to McKeithen Growers for donating trees to our project! They are the GOAT!

SCIP Volunteers choosing trees for the microforest

Help our microforests grow!


By donating to us, you can help us make new microforests, ensure our current microforests thrive and grow to their full potential, as well as contribute to other important issues!


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