July 28, 2021

Categories: Forests


Practice Makes Perfect!

Before we have our actual volunteer mulching day, it is important for our SCIP volunteers to understand the mulch process. For mulching, we set up barriers at the edge of the land plot to prevent mulch going into the water. Next, we placed cardboard on the ground to create a damp and moist environment full of nutrients and helpful microorganisms that will help the trees grow. Lastly, we layer mulch on top. The SCIP volunteers will be directing the mulching process on the actual day. We are so proud of our little leaders!

Mulching Day!

The volunteer mulch day went super well! We finished mulching the entire microforest in just a few hours. Thank you so much to all of the volunteers that signed up to mulch with us! It took a dedicated group of many to get this important step done. Their help was incredibly appreciated and we admire their dedication to helping the environment. Another hard day of work done!

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