July 22, 2021

Categories: Forests


We are committed to including youth in the betterment of our environment! That’s why we are working with young people in our community to combat climate change and build a better future!

Who we are working with

We decided to work with the Suncoast Science Center’s volunteer program to create a microforest! The original site for the microforest was locaked at Nathan Benderson Park, but due to unforeseen circumstances, was moved to Stoneybrook Gold & Country Club. The Suncoast Science Center hosts a student volunteer program known as the Student Innovation Community Program. This program provides high school and college student volunteers with an opportunity to make a difference in their community in an innovative manner. Because they are passionate about water quality and carbon pollution, we are excited to work with them on this project!

Our first mission

One of SURF’s biggest objectives is to inform youth about carbon and water pollution! That’s why we are so happy to be able to involve students with our project. To kick off the Stoneybrook microforest project, we decided to take a trip back to our old friend, our microfrest at Celery Fields. That morning, we showed the SCIP student volunteers the microforest at Celery Fields and explained the cardboard mulching process that will ensure quality soil for our trees. We can’t wait to head to the new site!

Planning for a better future

We love educating talented youth! We especially enjoyed our mentor to student meeting, where we went over the project. Together, we had an important discussion about the importance of carbon sequestration. We highly recommend the movie Kiss the Ground, it truly is life-changing! We love Woody Harrelson. 

A Team Effort

This microforest project is made possible by the collaboration of various organizations towards a greater cause, including the youth at the Fab Lab participating in SCIP. Our SCIP volunteers also presented the ways they plan to help the project to members of Nathan Benderson Park. It was reassuring to see youth introduce their plans and ideas for this project. The future of this planet is in good hands.

Help our microforests grow!


By donating to us, you can help us make new microforests, ensure our current microforests thrive and grow to their full potential, as well as contribute to other important issues!


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